I have over 20 years’ experience in the editorial and design related fields. From creating promotional material for local events through to copywriting for press and the web and copyediting for worldwide publication, I’ve put my hand to a range of different projects.

I have experience of working with web and sales copy, press briefings and content, academic and industry reports, thesis writing, plus fiction, training and technical texts. I am skilled in proofreading, line- and copyediting, and am happy creating promotional, descriptive or technical copy, depending on what the job demands.

My history in this field began in 2001 after graduating from Cambridge with a degree in Theology (not always the most vocational discipline!). I started out as a press clippings editor for BMCNews in London and went from there to the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Mid Wales where I held the post of Publications Marketing Officer for four years. Until recently, CAT Publications operated as a small publishing house with a global agenda and so I did more than the job description prescribed, learning many of my skills on the job within a talented team.

In 2006, I moved to Edinburgh to embark on a Counselling Studies Diploma at the University of Edinburgh to deepen my interest in people, environment, communication and connection. I concurrently set my freelance work in motion, writing the website for The Low Carbon Partnership, proofreading and copyediting for Polygon and Honno publishers and mocking up promotional literature for the University of Edinburgh, amongst others.

A creative (mostly photographically) stint in Latin America between 2008 and 2009 saw me return to the UK and head straight to the sunny southwest. I soon found myself settled in, working as Web Editor for Working Planet Limited and freelancing. I worked for Totnes Solar for five years, with regular freelance work for the Renewables Academy (RENAC), in Berlin, Greenpeace (UK and beyond) and my old friends at CAT, plus a variety of individual clients and small community organisations.

After seven successful years, I took off travelling again to reset and renew, returning eventually to Mid Wales where I have been based as a freelancer since 2017. Here I’ve had the pleasure to work with the Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC), New Economy Organisers Network (NEON) and CAT once again, plus new friends at the Global Strategic Communications Council (worldwide), Reclaim Finance (France), Accela Research (Australia) and other wonderful word-of-mouth connections along the way.